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Re: dynamic naming & creation of mailboxes

2003-01-14 02:30:22

Kjetil Torgrim Homme writes:
heh, yeah. I guess this is different for people in the US and other large countries which span several timezones.

It's a company thing, not a country thing. I knew people working in Dublin whose servers were somewhere on the West Coast. They complained about slow connections and so on - timezone seemed a minor issue ;)

however, I think it will be confusing and annoying for users to have their mail archive switch to a new folder seven hours before midnight. perhaps allow the user to specify timezone explicitly?

Simplicity is better.

Most people leave work in the afternoon and arrive in the morning. The folder will have switched sometime during the interval. Does the exact time really matter?

The IMAP users in Petrapavlovsk and those of us who regularly work near midnight might have a problem, but after the first couple of months, we learn. The broken threads caused by the change is a much worse problem.


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