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Re: dynamic naming & creation of mailboxes

2003-01-14 07:46:56

[Arnt Gulbrandsen]:

  Kjetil Torgrim Homme writes:
  > however, I think it will be confusing and annoying for users to
  > have their mail archive switch to a new folder seven hours
  > before midnight. perhaps allow the user to specify timezone
  > explicitly?
  Simplicity is better.
  Most people leave work in the afternoon and arrive in the
  morning. The folder will have switched sometime during the
  interval. Does the exact time really matter?

and people in New Zealand?  as a user, I would complain loudly about
the broken mail server which didn't even keep a useful time.  when I
ask for ${hour}, I (still as a naive user) would expect it to return
my local time.  never mind that the server has no way of knowing your
local time...  that's why I think the principle of least surprise is
to use the server's timezone.

anyway, SETDATE is tangential to the proposal, and can be left out.

Kjetil T.                       |  read and make up your own mind

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