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Re: is it allowed to discuss client side filtering here?

2003-03-19 20:45:21

Hi Tim,

--On Wednesday, March 19, 2003 6:43 PM -0800 Tim Showalter <tjs(_at_)mirapoint(_dot_)com> wrote:

| I know there would be interest in client-side Sieve filtering, but I
| don't know anyone who has really worked on it.

Our client does have both client-side filtering support and SIEVE support (via ManageSIEVE for uploading to the server). Right now SIEVE is not as 'expressive' as client-side filters need to be - regex, body etc would go a long way to help with that. Certainly to be effective we would need to at least add a 'flagtest' test for testing flag status on the message being processed. There are also other client-specific actions that need to be considered - e.g. print, save, alert etc. We would also have to define what things like 'discard' mean in the context of a client-side filter. That may well depend on when the filter is being invoked (e.g. on new mail delivery, on message copy, on new mail arrival etc).

I have been considering adding our own private XML rules/filter import/export capability which would be expressive enough to capture client-side filters and SIEVE. Being able to use a client-side sieve script that would be portable between clients would be good too.

| Personally I'd love if there was a Sieve implementation that had an
| externally procmail-like interface, and mailbox names could be file names.

Cyrus Daboo