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Re: variables draft (draft-homme-sieve-variables-00.txt)

2003-04-08 12:28:33

[Rob Siemborski]:

  Currently Cyrus's include draft has require being scoped to the
  current script.

ah, I haven't seen that.  perhaps you could put it up at ?

  I think this is fine for features that only enable certain forms
  of syntax (since they basically dissapear at parsing time), but is
  somewhat less good for things that change global state of the
  Implicit keep is another "global state" issue that jumps to mind.
  I think I'm currently of the opinion that all global state
  (including variables, implicit keep, etc) should be global for the
  entire execution.  However, the effects of require which only
  affect parsing should be limited to the current script only.

if script one require variables, and set variable foo to bar, and
script two doesn't require variables, and contain the string "${foo}",
what should happen?  it seems to me you're saying that the string
should be left alone.  also, if script two does require variables, the
value of foo will become available, and the string will be expanded to

this seems reasonable to me.
Kjetil T.

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