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Re: Comments on draft-homme-sieve-variables-01.txt

2003-04-19 13:35:45

Kjetil Torgrim Homme <kjetilho(_at_)ifi(_dot_)uio(_dot_)no> writes:

  >>    For an example of a less general than expected test,
  >>    consider looking for Subject: containing "MAKE MONEY FAST"
  >>    to filter spam into a separate folder, and an incoming
  >>    message having a Subject: of "=?CP-1252?q?MAKE_MONEY_FAST?=.
  > I believe that message should be filtered just fine.
  How?  Compare the following from RFC 3028 [2.7.2].  Assuming the
  implementation does not support CP-1252, I don't see how "MAKE
  MONEY FAST" and "=?CP-1252?q?MAKE_MONEY_FAST?=" would match.

oh, I assumed that an implementation would decode quoted-printable and
base64, but mark the string as "unknown charset".  that seems to "do
what I want" more often.

That approach would only work, for this example, if the unknown
charset was ASCII compatible.  Of course, non-ASCII charset doesn't
occur in practice, but I was talking about the case where the sender
acts malicously to cause certain behaviour the user didn't think of.
If picking a non-ASCII charset makes the client behave badly, the
attacker will do so.

But I agree that your draft isn't the place for these generic Sieve
security considerations.