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Re: Message uniqueness in editheader

2003-05-05 12:25:11

Jutta Degener <jutta(_at_)sendmail(_dot_)com> writes:

The reason that I stayed so vague was worry that a message
store could consider two messages with the same ID to the
same user "the same message" and drop one of them.  I wouldn't
want to disrupt sieve compatibility with such a message store.
But maybe I should wait until faced with one; I don't know if
anyone actually does this.

I see.  I think this is a good point.  I believe my Cyrus installation
prune duplicates, based on Message-Id, although it is an extra
feature, not part of the message store.

Perhaps include a discussion of this?  A warning to the user that
filing the message several times, even if they are altered by the
add/delete/replace commands, may not do what she expects, because of
Message-Id duplication checks.

But rather than writing it like this

|    A message modified by addheader, deleteheader, or replaceheader
|    MUST NOT be considered the same as the original message.

I'd rather go by results and say that a message that is textually
different from the original is a different message and mustn't be

That would allow a message store to drop the second and following
of an exactly identical message, which is something I'd still
like to allow.

Sounds good.

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