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sieve action: pipe

2003-08-08 15:29:58


I have a little sieve implementation that I have been tinkering with.
Using it I've managed to almost completely abandon my old .procmailrc .
The only remaining things in .procmailrc are those that pipe to a
script.  e.g.:

:0 W: $REPORTS/news-rep.lock
* ^From: (_dot_)*news(_at_)news-server-name
* ^Subject: .*Daily Usenet report

I would like to make something like a "pipeinto" action similar to
"fileinto" -- e.g.:

    if allof (
       address :is "from" "news(_at_)news-server-name",
       header :is "subject" "daily usenet report" ) {
        pipeinto :lockfile "news-rep.lock" "";

Have there been any thoughts about such a facility?  I'd rather
use an agreed-upon format than make something up, but I wasn't
able to find anything.


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