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Re: Body test

2003-08-09 02:29:08

I was reading the following RFC, and wondered if someone could elaborate
on the second paragraph for me (namely which vendors). supports a body test.  It's not quite the same as the I-Draft, 
it just treats the entire body as one long string.  You can use regex and 
contains to match inside it which allows you to do pretty much whatever you 
want to search for, but obviously isn't "ideal" as the test isn't yet MIME 
aware, nor does it do transfer decoding or do anything with character sets.  
These are obviously things which we will be looking into in the future (when 
I'm successful in twisting product managements arm ;o) )

I would also like to know how to enable the most verbose logging for
SIEVE if anyone has some suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

The tools in Mailsite permitting you to get your scripts right include a 
regular expression test dialog, and a sieve script test dialog which will run 
your script against every message in a folder and tell you which rules matched 
each message.



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