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Re: Relay control in SIEVE ???

2003-11-01 02:12:57

But I'm curious about what other MTA filtering you are
thinking of.  

When you need to service MTA's like sendmail, postfix, exchange, 
lotus notes, acme mta etc. you need to find out or know the specifics 
for that MTA. I can not count the times when a customers tells me 
that a technician has "fixed" the open relay they had, when they in 
fact haven't done so yet. Only to find the techie reach for the manuals 

sieve (and sieve-like equivalents) can be used for
filtering things other than final delivery.  For example, we use
sieve filtering here for damping bounces resulting from bad
target addresses.  

Hmmm, I'd be interested in how you do that? Is that something 
you can share?


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