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Re: Relay control in SIEVE ???

2003-11-03 12:06:53

On Sat, Nov 01, 2003 at 09:12:55AM -0000, Gu?bj?rn S. Hreinsson wrote:

sieve (and sieve-like equivalents) can be used for
filtering things other than final delivery.  For example, we use
sieve filtering here for damping bounces resulting from bad
target addresses.  

Hmmm, I'd be interested in how you do that? Is that something 
you can share?

We're running qmail, which by default accepts and queues all mail and
then delivers it out of the queue.  (There's a lot of argument about
that behaviour, so probably no need to follow that tangent here.)

When delivery is attempted to a nonexistent user, the default action
is to bounce the message.  It's easy enough to put a delivery filter
on at that point.  We simply apply a sieve (-like) application at
that point, and discard everything that passes a spam test.  Anything
not discarded is bounced.  It's not absolutely perfect but it's
better than the default and significantly reduces our bounce churn.


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