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RE: Fileinto-except

2003-11-05 07:00:49

Hi Cyrus,

        Thanks for your comments.

|     Please share your views on the attached document.
|     I will submit a draft version after the queue is open.

Is the use of this meant to be to implement some sort of spam/virus 
checking? If so, then I think this is overloading sieve too 
far - sieve is 
not meant to be an anti-spam/anti-virus tool. Instead you 
should consider 
using proper tools for that, and hook in the 
spamtest/virustest extension 
into sieve.

        I do not want to limit this to spam or virus checking. One of
the requirement
        for this is that I receive mails from certain individuals with
same attachment
        always, which I don't want to have in the mailbox and occupy

        Instead I just be interested in the Main content of the message.

        The received message could indicate "a narration" that the
attachment has been 
        removed for the user.

        I'm planning to leverage imap-remove extension which I've
proposed recently.


Cyrus Daboo

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