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RE: Fileinto-except

2003-11-05 08:34:29

Hi Rob,

        Sorry for not describing the scope of this draft.

        Initially I would like to get comments like whether such an
        feature is already available; Basically whether it replicates
        the concept that is already done.

        I shall come up with the proper draft and send it for

        Thanks for your understanding,

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On Wed, 5 Nov 2003, Madan Ganesh Velayudham wrote:

    Please share your views on the attached document.

    I will submit a draft version after the queue is open.

I'm not really sure there's enough detail in the attached 
document to go on.  Excluding the lack of normal ID 
boilerplate and the spelling/grammar problems, there is no 
syntax for the extension specified, nor are any examples given.

It is also unclear how the mime part that is being excluded 
is being specified, or how to exclude more than one mime 
part.  Without variables (and better body tests), it is 
unclear to me that you can reliably target a specific mime 
part in sieve.  (Or do you always just want to get rid of 
part 2.1 of a message?)


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