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Re: running a script after a certain delay

2003-11-05 08:45:26

Thoralf Will wrote:

Hi all,

is there any implementation/idea/suggestion available already to run a
script after a certain time has passed?

Mail from xxx(_at_)yyy(_dot_)zzz arrives and gets delivered, the usual scripts 
running and put it into a special folder.
A 2nd script starts 1h later, looks for a mail in this special folder
and does something (redirect again, autoreply ...) if there is still a

Is this possible

The way you describe it, the 2nd script is just being executed by a special type Mail User Agent.

and when how or are there any intentions to implement
something like this?
Can you be more specific. For the task you describe, I don't see any need to modify/extend Sieve.

If you are looking for a product that can do that, you should at least tell us what is your OS requirement.

Isode Limited,

IETF standard related pages:

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