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Re: Sieve Extension I-Ds(not) becoming RFCs and IANA assignments (e.g. refuse, and older ones, like vacation(!), regex, imapflags.

2004-05-06 08:56:06

Hi Alexandros,

--On Thursday, May 06, 2004 6:41 PM +0300 Alexandros Vellis <avel(_at_)noc(_dot_)uoa(_dot_)gr> wrote:

|> I guess the Sieve homepage at cyrussoft is sorely out of date (I emailed
|> the maintainer ( <mailto:sieve(_at_)cyrusoft(_dot_)com>) a 
|> back and didn't hear back - see below.)
| On a side note, things have been a bit more active active in programs
| starting to support SIEVE, such as DBMail and Exim4. When I submitted my
| humble 'avelsieve' to get on Cyrussoft's implementations list, I didn't
| hear back either. That list can probably do with some of the new software
| that supports SIEVE.

Please send any comments/suggestions for our SIEVE site direct to me at <mailto:daboo(_at_)cyrusoft(_dot_)com>. Ironically, the email address for that site gets more spam than any of our others and so legitimate messages may get filtered out accidentally. I will try and make sure the documents page is up to date with the latest drafts etc

Cyrus Daboo

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