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Re: Sieve Extension I-Ds(not) becoming RFCs and IANA assignments (e.g. refuse, and older ones, like vacation(!), regex, imapflags.

2004-05-08 15:51:24

On 4/29/04 8:08 PM, Matthew Elvey (FM) sent forth electrons to convey:

Wow, things have been quiet on this list.
Anyone considering implementing draft-elvey-refuse-sieve-01.txt?


I just noticed draft-daboo-sieve-spamtest-01.txt became an RFC: - good, because the draft had expired, and someone wants to reference it in another doc not as a work-in-progress. I guess the Sieve homepage at cyrussoft is sorely out of date (I emailed the maintainer ( <mailto:sieve(_at_)cyrusoft(_dot_)com>) a while back and didn't hear back - see below.)

Cyrus/CyruSoft has updated their sieve page considerably - looks good now. is presumably an up-to-date listing of SIEVE extensions that have reached RFC status.
RFC 3598 is the subaddress extension,
RFC 3431 is the relational test,

There aren't IANA assignments for the extensions vacation, regex, or imapflags. Are their authors interested in progressing them to RFC status or getting IANA assignments? If I don't hear back, I'll take this up.

I created a page to track what Sieve implementations support what extensions here: Edits, links welcome (DIY-Do It Yourself; it's a wiki).

Any comments before I email with the RFC # for spamtest, and a reservation for "refuse"?


On 4/14/2004 9:41 PM, Matthew Elvey sent forth electrons to to convey:

Hi. I was wondering if you'd add a list of links to sieve extensions. None are officially beyond the I-D stage yet [wrong], but they are often at the <multiple implementations exist> stage. If you'd like to, e.g. link to, I'll put up a page there. Hope you guys push Sieve along in the standardization process too, or if you're not doing that, make changes to improve it, like the one I suggest in my I-D for the 'refuse' extension.

No comment?


vacation, per


 imapflags - I-D still valid, but IANA section is missing.

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