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State of notify draft...

2004-06-21 13:04:45


I'm just trying to find out if anyone knows anything more about the current state of the notify extension. Looking from the list archive I can see this was first announced on 03 Jul 2001:

A couple of good points re $from$ vs $from-address$ vs $from-name$ and QP and charset decoding were raised here:

And there was tentative agreement on many of these issues from the original draft author stating that he'd create a new one.

Though there didn't appear to have been another draft forth coming, and
searching the list, almost no discussion on the "notify" extension since
then, apart from a similar "what's up" email here:

So it seems we have an original draft, comments about problems, and even agreement by the original author, but no followup as yet :(

I'm wondering what the general process for going forward and creating another draft with some of these issues addressed? I think that having a non-decoded text/* part in an arbitrary character set will be somewhere between annoying and useless, and the separated $from-address$ and $from-name$ variables would be very useful.

Is there anyone interested in/able to create a new draft? If not, I'd be willing to do it, but I'm not entirely sure of the process of taking over and going forward with this.


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