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Re: :binary in draft-degener-sieve-body-02.txt

2004-06-23 13:28:41

Jutta Degener wrote:

I've implemented :binary, too, and it didn't seem like a big
overhead compared to, say, a charset conversion via iconv that
the other options ask you to do to arrive at UTF-8.  Do you
remember what specifically got in your way?

Nothing earth shattering, but the [decoded] body part needs to be expanded into space-separated hex (a 3x increase in size) in order to do the match. This *might* be avoidable by doing the "hex dump" on the fly for :contains and possibly :matches, but is necessary for :regex unless using a home-grown regex function/library.

I thought about "decoding" the ascii-hex pattern and then comparing against the content, but that prohibits patterns such as "3c 4?" Or are patterns such as this prohibited (special pattern-matches chars can't be used as a placeholder for a nibble)?

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