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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-hansen-sieve-loop-00.txt]

2004-07-30 04:09:08

Hi Tony,

Just read your new I-Draft and it seems to be solving some of the same problems 
that the draft-daboo-sieve-mime-00.txt draft is trying to solve, so it seems 
like the two should probably be worked on together.  

The original draft is here:

But I made an alternative proposal in response that seemed to have a lot of 
support although was never written up into a new draft.  You can read my 
response here and follow the replies:

My proposal for a HEADER-PART tagged argument to the header does mostly the 
same job as your part test with :filename/:type/:subtype approach, and my 
:bodyparts optional argument does mostly the same job as your for.every.part 
loop test.  However the proposal does not include facilities for 
replace/delete/enclosing body parts.

I think my proposal allows significant extra message matching capabilities with 
less additional syntax, so I think it would be good if we could go with testing 
syntax more along the lines of what has already been proposed there.

Perhaps there's really two I-Drafts at play here, a written up version of my 
proposal for testing body parts, and then an additional one specifying the 
ability to replace/delete/enclose body parts which requires a "select" body 
part concept.  Maybe a foreach test, that is used instead of "if".  Then where 
you have:

   for.every.part {
       if anyof ( part :subtype :is "jpeg", part :filename :matches "*.jpg" {
           replace "Attachment removed by user filter";

We'd have this instead:

   foreach anyof :bodyparts (header :value :matches "Content-Type" "*/jpeg" ,
                                              header :parameter "filename" 
:matches "Content-Disposition" "*.jpg" ) {
       replace "Attachment removed by user filter";

Cyrus, I expected you'd re-release the draft-daboo-sieve-mime-00.txt I-Draft 
encorporating all the feedback but don't see a version 01.txt.  Should I do 


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