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Re: lunch/bar bof for mta-filters?

2004-07-30 08:50:39

ned(_dot_)freed(_at_)mrochek(_dot_)com writes:

Random thought: Perhaps it is time to consider forming a sieve
working group. The goals of the group would be carefullly limited to:

(1) Progressing the base sieve specification to draft. (Note that this
    means no significant changes or additions.)

(2) Finishing various sieve I-Ds already on the table.

What do people think about the idea?

If this would mean faster progress, I'm for it.

Would it be possible to publish the (expired?) ManageSieve protocol
draft through that venue as well?  It appear to be gaining users,
albeit slowly.  I believe it is a better solution than any of the
other solutions that has been proposed, and that it deserve
publication.  Having done multiple implementations of it, I have some
vested interest in it.