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new mailing list: public-ietf-collation(_at_)w3(_dot_)org

2004-08-16 19:13:28

Dear Sieve experts,

After discussion with Chris Newman, author of the Internet Draft,
we have created a new mailing list, public-ietf-collation(_at_)w3(_dot_)org,
for discussion (and hopefully completion) of this work on identifiers
for collations. This mailing list replaces an earlier one hosted at
a different place.

If you want to contribute or are interested in this work, please
subscribe by sending mail to public-ietf-collation-REQUEST(_at_)w3(_dot_)org
(capitalization irrelevant) with "subscribe" (without the quotes)
in the subject. The archives of this mailing list can be found at,
and are publicly accessible.

I expect discussion to begin no earlier than Monday, August 23, to
allow everybody interested to subscribe.

Regards,    Martin.

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