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Re: draft-elvey-refuse-sieve-02.txt;

2004-11-30 19:38:19

In order to move forward since the discussion of this draft at the last BOF:

I would like to gauge interest. Which SIEVE
implementations/implementors 'intend' to write code to support some
IETF-blessed extension in order to provide a "Reject before delivery
capability" (e.g. draft-elvey-refuse-sieve or a derivative)? Currently, no implementations have this ability.

Please indicate your interest! (e.g. Edit the wiki page mentioned below (put an 
"i" in the right place) or reply to me and I'll make the edit for you.)

('Intend' just indicates strong interest, it doesn't mean "Guarantee by x date")

It's urgent and important that SIEVE gain the ability to do SMTP-time refusals. 
 Here's why:
Many mail recipients are starting to refuse mail from senders who reject after 
delivery.  Relatively conservative blacklists are starting to list IPs that are 
mainly sources of large amounts of joe-job blowback:
So whether SIEVE / refuse supports, deprecates, or disallows MUAs to reject mail, the Internet is looking at it increasingly as usually a bad idea. Even fairly well-written vacation programs are often deprecated, as if they are linked to addresses that get lots of spam, they can cause a lot of joe-jobs. Perhaps this will cease to be an issue as sites implement BATV-type schemes that block joe-jobs. For now, SIEVE must gain the ability to do SMTP-time refusals. </Editorial>
(Please, no OT response posts not about SMTP-time refusals; I don't wish to 
lead us off course)

Preemptory Clarification: Because of issues already known and discussed, MUA implementations (which can't do SMTP-time rejects) will not be made incapable of being SIEVE-compliant by any SIEVE draft I wrote or intend to write. BTW, I belatedly noticed an error the Charter: it has a link to the -01 version of the draft-elvey-refuse-sieve, not the -02 version mentioned below.
On 8/10/2004 1:46 AM, Matthew Elvey sent forth electrons to convey:

1) Belatedly announcing, in case folks missed it:

   Last discussion post on 'refuse' was my post on 6/8/04.
   I believe 'refuse' is ready for last call.

might make a good addition to


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