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Question concerning subaddress extension

2005-03-11 08:48:42


I am just trying to implement the subaddress extension in Exim.
What should the subaddress extension do for this example?

   if envelope :detail "from" "foo" {
     redirect "ken(_at_)example(_dot_)edu";

The semantics are well defined for envelope "to".  But envelope
"from"? Obviously, Sieve can not know the separator used by the sender,
if any at all. Yet the above is not forbidden.

The original example from RFC 3598 uses envelope "cc" and envelope "bcc".
The current draft fixed that, but it brought up an interesting issue:
What should happen when using it? RFC 3028 specifies "from" and "to",
but does not say a word about using keys not known by the implementation.
While wondering about this, I read:

   If a protocol other than SMTP is used for message transport,
   implementations are expected to adapt this command appropriately.

Does that mean new keys, or does that mean to adapt the meaning of
the existing keys?