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Re: Question concerning subaddress extension

2005-03-12 17:41:46


--On Saturday, March 12, 2005 07:16:03 PM -0500 Cyrus Daboo <daboo(_at_)isamet(_dot_)com> wrote:

Another option might be to allow the separator to be specified as a
parameter in the test, as its likely that the script author may have more
explicit knowledge of the separator in addresses being tested. e.g. I
know that the separator for my domain is '+' and for '' is ';'

    if envelope :separator "+" :user "daboo" :domain "" {
      redirect "daboo(_at_)mulberrymail(_dot_)com;
    if envelope :separator ";" :user "daboo" :domain "" {
      redirect "example(_at_)mulberrymail(_dot_)com;

Actually I've changed my mind - subaddress should do a best effort on the separator, and for more explicit control regex can be used.

Cyrus Daboo