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Re: Working Group Last Call: draft-ietf-sieve-editheader-00.txt

2005-03-14 17:42:31

On 3/14/2005 12:02 PM, Cyrus Daboo sent forth electrons to convey:

I would like to draw your attention to the following draft:


A two week working group last call of this document starts today and ends on 28th March 2005 at 6 pm EST.

Please review this document and send issues to the list or direct to the author(s).

NB If you do review this document, but have no issues or comments, please send both co-chairs (or the list) an email to indicate you have looked at it. This will allow the chairs to gauge the scope of reviews of this document to aid in our determination on whether to send it to the IESG. Thanks.

Just trivialities.

Pigeon is misspelled.  We really ought to spellcheck, folks!
Nigegl is misspelt too, as is my name (ok, not really, it's not in there)

PS Is ASCII usually written ascii in RFCs?
I guess someone didn't like Juta's proposed simplification of deleteheader.

Apropos the line:
  Tests and actions such as "exist" or "header" that examine
The test is "exists", not "exist". "Exists" and "header" are both tests, and actions don't examine.
Therefore, I suggest:
  Tests such as "exists" or "header" that examine

Sorry I didn't find these sooner.