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Re: Working Group Last Call: draft-ietf-sieve-editheader-00.txt

2005-03-22 10:28:42

On Mon, Mar 14, 2005 at 03:02:51PM -0500, Cyrus Daboo wrote:
I would like to draw your attention to the following draft:


A two week working group last call of this document starts today and ends 
on 28th March 2005 at 6 pm EST.

A few lingering things...


   > This document defines two new actions for the "sieve"
   > language that add and delete email header fields.

There were some comments about a standard way to refer to "Sieve"--
is it "sieve" or "Sieve" or "Sieve email filtering language" etc..

2. Conventions used.

   > Conventions for notations are as in [SIEVE] section 1.1, including
   > use of [KEYWORDS] and "Syntax:" label for the definition of action
   > and tagged arguments syntax.

I think labels are plural, so it ought to read "... labels for
definitions of ..."   (deja vu)

3. Action addheader

In the example:

        > /* Don't redirect if we already redirected */
        > if not header :contains "X-Sieve-Filtered"
        >       ["<kim(_at_)job(_dot_)tld>", "<kim(_at_)home(_dot_)tld>"]

Just the obligatory comment about using "example.tld" even though "tld"
isn't a real top level domain name today.

8. Acknowledgments

If it's there, "Mallett" not "Mallet" .


Should there be remarks about the potential damage that can be
caused to the MIME structure of a message (e.g. by removing/adding
MIME header fields)?

I really miss "replaceheader" and I think it's a huge mistake not to
include it.  "replaceheader" was the only way that one could rename a
header in place, which may have been one source of the objections to it,
but which I found to be the root of its value.  Perhaps a compromise
could be to include "replaceheader" as an optional additional capability
name in this document (the way that "fileinto" is included in the base