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Re: implementation issues

2005-03-31 01:15:28

so, if i understand this correctly we have the following receipe for a perfect implementation:
- reject can only be by itself and only once (eventualy with stop)
- keep can apear with any action (except reject) several times, and a move to Inbox (or similar) will be executed once - discard can apear with any action (except reject maybe) several times and the result will be a discard only when soley discard actions are present - fileinto can apear several times with any action (except reject) and a move to the specified folder will be executed (if a move to the same folder is specified is not to be treated as an error but a duplicate move will not be performed) - redirect can apear several times and with any action (except reject), the result consisting in redirecting to the specified address only once (wihtout giving an error if a duplicate reject with the same address apears)
- any action except stop will cancel the implicit keep

Is this any close to what the specification intended?

Sorin Suciu

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