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sieve WG charter

2005-06-30 17:59:07

Mark E. Mallett <mem(_at_)mv(_dot_)mv(_dot_)com> writes:
OTOH, I'm probably being dumb again (feel free to agree), but what's the
meta-stuff?  i.e.  how has 3028bis come about, what's the charter for
its creation, is there a call for submissions of items, etc?

        (1) Revise the base sieve specification, RFC 3028, with the
        intention of moving it to draft standard. Substantive
        additions or revisions to the base specification are out
        of scope of this working group. However, the need to loosen
        current restrictions on side effects of tests as well as
        the need for a normative reference to the newly-defined
        comparators registry may necessitate a recycle at proposed.

With the comparator and side-effects bits done, we should be down
to corrections of errors and clarifications, right?

So, I see I was in error to even consider the 'add option to set
envelope-sender' suggestion as an open issue, as it's out of scope.
Similarly, changing section 2.7.2 to require support for 2047 should
be considered out of scope as well.

Hmm, perhaps we can last call this thing just before IETF-63.

Philip Guenther

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