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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-sieve-3028bis-04.txt

2005-07-21 01:27:54


now there is only one open issue left on my list:

Section 1.1:

   Each section on a command (test, action, or control) has a line
   labeled "Syntax:".  This line describes the syntax of the command,
   including its name and its arguments.

If this line described syntax, its contents would be listed in the
grammar.  There is a number of RFCs that list specific rules throughout
the document, explaining them, and all of them are listed together in
the full grammar.  That's _not_ the case for Sieve.

RFC 3028 confuses syntax and semantics sometimes.  It uses a generic
grammar as syntax for commands and tests and performs many checks during
semantic analysis.  Syntax is specified by grammar rules, semantics by
natural language.  Section 1.1 should either say "Semantics" or there
should be two grammars: A generic grammar (the one currently given)
and a specific grammar.  The latter could be written by introducing a
new structure for sets of elements that may appear in any order.