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Re: Working Group Last Call: draft-ietf-sieve-imapflags-01.txt

2005-09-21 08:26:19

Dave Cridland wrote:

On Wed Sep 14 01:01:36 2005, Cyrus Daboo wrote:


1) I did find the use of the phrase "internal variable" somewhat confusing - this may simply be my own stupidity, but I feel that the first usage of "the internal variable" would be more readable if changed to "an internal flag list". Similarly, subsequent uses could be changed to "the internal flag list". I consider this a purely editorial change.

But it is a variable. If an implementation supports both "variables" and "imap4flags", the internal variable can still be accessed.

Do other people find this confusing?

2) Section 5, para 2 states: "If the :flags tagged argument is not specified, "keep" or "fileinto" will not set any flag [...]". This appears to be in contradiction to Section 3, which states that where :flags is not supplied, the internal flag list will be used. I consider this a purely editorial change.

Good catch, fixed.

3) Section 4: hasflag appears to require a list of variable names. This would mean there is no method for testing the presence of a flag in the internal flag list. I consider this a minor technical change.

Good point.
I've made the list of variables in hasflag optional and added:
  If the list of variables is omitted, value of the internal variable is
  used instead.