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Re: Working Group Last Call: draft-ietf-sieve-3431bis-01.txt (relational test)

2005-09-21 10:59:37

Michael Haardt wrote:

Section 4.1:

 The VALUE match type may be used with any comparator which returns
 sort information.

And which comparator of the base language does that? All, I guess,
but I miss reading that.
"relational" draft is not the place for listing such comparators. There is a separate document (currently draft-newman-i18n-comparator-05.txt) that defines the comparator registry.

I guess you are right that duplicating information is not good, but the
Sieve base language contains so few comparators, that it would be nice
to state that those return sort information.

Maybe you are asking for a reference to the comparator registry after the quoted sentence?

When I edit a document I usually try to add lots of examples to address issues like yours.

After all, "i;ascii-numeric" is described to allow at least 32 bit
integers and not being capable to compare signed numbers.  The latter
at least is duplicated information, yet it is very helpful.

Yes, the latter is important because it can be one of the unexpected things when using this comparator.

On a somewhat related note: do people think we need a comparator that can handle negative numbers?