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Re: Working Group Last Call: draft-ietf-sieve-imapflags-01.txt

2005-10-06 03:45:12

Philip Guenther wrote:

I think the third sentence of section 3.2 should be flipped around, if
just to avoid "MAY NOT" (while "MAY" is an RFC 2119 keyword, "MAY NOT"
isn't!).  Indeed, I would give the implementation even more leeways,
  The addflag action MAY alter the flag list in any way that leaves the
  its semantics as a set of case-insensitive words unaltered.  For
  example, it may reorder the flags, alter the case of the letters in
  them, or add or remove duplicates or extraneous spaces.  Scripts
  SHOULD NOT make assumptions about the ordering of flags in lists or
  the preservation of their case.


Hmm, written like that, that chunk probably belongs in section 3 and not
3.2, especially when generallized to cover "setflag" and "removeflag" as


The above also obsoletes the second paragraph of section 6 ("A script
interpreter..."), which seemed oddly placed to me anyway.

As previously suggested - I've removed the section 6.