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Re: Stripping leading/trailing spaces in relational draft

2005-10-11 05:42:58

Kjetil Torgrim Homme wrote:

Given this perspective, I don't think any of that is specific to the
relational extension and doesn't belong there, and it would be better to
have more explanation about how the data is extracted from the message
in the base document (or whatever document describes the specific

the base document has the tests "address", "envelope", "header",
"exists" and some others.  of these, only "header" is unclear on which
part of the header to consider.  I agree it would be useful to add a
sentence to the base spec making it explicit that the spaces following
the header field name are ignored.
I would really like if this gets us a clean solution to the problem.

Stripping leading spaces in headers is indeed a common practice these days.

of the published extensions, only "subaddress" has the possibility of
touching on this issue, but an e-mail address such as

  <"kjetilho+ awkward address">

seems contrived.  assuming a "+" subaddress separator, I expect the
source value to include the SPC, i.e., hold the value

  " awkward address"

(without the quotes).  I find this too academic to warrent concern, but
"subaddress" might do with a clarification of this case.

do you think a change to the base spec for "header" makes it possible to
remove the whitespace stripping rule in "relational"?
Any opinions on this?


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