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AD Evaluation Comments: draft-ietf-sieve-vacation-04

2005-10-20 10:37:02

Some questions and comments, also noted in the I-D Tracker.  Please clue me
in as appropriate:

Minor IDNit errors are noted in the tracker.  The shepherd write-up said
that IDNits ran cleanly.  Hmm...

General comment: both "Sieve" and "sieve" are used in the document.  One
form or the other should be used consistently.

First page:
The "??" characters used for Tim's organization need to be replaced.  To be
honest I'm not sure if anything should be used at all if there is no know

Section 4.1:
I'm curious about the "Sites MAY also define a maximum days value, which
MUST be greater than 7, and SHOULD be greater than 30" text.  Why use a MUST
for what appears to be an operational matter?  What is the impact on
interoperability if a lesser value is used?

Section 4.2:  "Implementations are free to limit the number of remembered
responses, provided the limit is no less than 1000."
Why 1000, and is this a normative requirement or not?

Section 4.7: "A script will fail if it attempts to execute two or more
vacation actions."
Should "will" be either SHOULD or MUST?  "will" describes an implementation