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Re: draft-ietf-sieve-variables-07

2005-12-20 10:03:32

Barry Leiba wrote:

I would expect the
extension to be required by anyone wanting to inspect that variable,
and so I don't see much benefit to making it a globally available
The problem is that when a script is written to ask "Why did I get
called?", it will have to assume that if it doesn't know, it's because
it got called by "mail delivery".  Since we're at a point where we
could get that modified in the variables draft now, I think we should.

So I'm suggesting that the variables spec define a base namespace (I'm
suggesting "Sieve.").  And I'm suggesting that the variables spec
define a variable that MUST be set (I'm suggesting "Sieve.cause", but
I'm not particular about the name) that gives the reason the script was
called.  I'm suggesting that the value for mail delivery be "DELIVERY".
And I'm suggesting that the variables spec say that other extensions
may add other values, if they create other causes for having Sieve
scripts called.  It seems a simple change, and a useful one in the long
I agree. If we are to do the change we must do it now.


For the latter: Can we please add an example of the use of the
namespace attribute?  It's not explained terribly well, and there are
no examples.
hmm, I would have to invent an extension for the example, I guess.
what do you think is unclear about the explanation?

I just think it's useful to have examples of things, and I saw the lack
there.  Why not?

Using Barry's new variable as an example would be fine with me.

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