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Re: "Any header" test - possible?

2006-01-16 07:11:52

On Mon, 2006-01-16 at 13:47 +0000, Alexey Melnikov wrote:

I don't think so.
Can you describe a use-case for this feature in more details?

I don't have a specific scenario.

I am only doing a simple mapping of IMAP SEARCH commands to Sieve
filtering rules, for the purpose of some GUI convenience: In your MUA,
do a search in your folders, and with just two clicks add the same
criteria in your Sieve script.

Among other things, IMAP SEARCH has the argument:

   TEXT <string>
        Messages that contain the specified string in the header or
        body of the message.

So it seems that this cannot really be specified as Sieve?

I was thinking along the line

    anyof( :body :contains 'foo' , :header _:all?_ :contains 'foo')

Alexandros Vellis

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