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Re: Imapflags "hasflag" test interaction with relational draft

2006-01-31 12:11:28

On Tue, Jan 31, 2006 at 01:16:34PM -0500, Ken Murchison wrote:
Alexey Melnikov wrote:

This is possbile, but I think for all other tests the default comparator 
doesn't depend on match type.

Well, i;ascii-numeric is a SHOULD for :count (per Relational), and I 
don't see why this can't be a MUST for hasflag :count, or :count in 

Relational says:

  The COUNT match type SHOULD only be used with numeric comparators.

which is quite different from saying that a different comparator should
be defaulted when using :count .  I think that trying to induce
different default comparators depending on combination of options opens
up a can of worms; i.e. I would agree that the default comparator should
not depend on the match type.


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