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Re: Sieve mime loop issues list

2006-03-23 17:39:03

Here is the list of issues with the MIME LOOP draft that need to be
worked on, as discussed at the Sieve meeting this week.

#1: Need to deal with nested for_every_part loops. What will this do:
    for_every_part { if (some test here) { for_every_part { ... } } }

My inclination is to ban them, or at least allow an implementation-defined
limit which can be set to 1. (Actually, such a limit is allowed implicitly for
almost anything in sieve by the base spec.)

#2: Need to decide if there would be a "mime" shorthand for testing the
type/subtype, without requiring

    if allof (mime :type "multipart", mime :subtype "alternative") ?

How about getting rid of :subtype and making :type check the whole thing? A
subtype is only meaningful in the context of a particular type; the only
exception to this are suffix tags, and checking those would require :matches
anyway. That is, there's no practical difference between

    if mime :subtype :matches "*+xml" ...


    if mime :type : matches "*+xml" ...

And :matches can easily be used to check the primary type by itself. I see no
strong reason to prefer

    if mime :type "text" ...


    if mime :type :matches "text/*" ...

#3: We need to add some way to look at parameter lists:
    Content-Type: text/plain; charset="foo"

Agreed, but mostly because of RFC 2231.

The following issues/comments were raised at the meeting:
    interactions with variables
    notifications to calendar service
    address tests, exists tests
    add tests mimeheader, mimeparameter

I'll repeat that I have no real preference between

    header :mime
    exists :mime
    address :mime



but I do want to see some way to do address and exists tests on inner
headers. This is actually quite a bit more important than a parameter
test IMO.


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