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Re: Dallas meeting notes

2006-04-18 12:09:10

Michael Haardt wrote:

Thanks for the log! It sounds all very reasonable, but I have one
tiny request:
Alexey: something we forgot. What is the state of "envelope auth" document?

Ned: not written yet.

Barry: do we want it in base spec or environment?

Ned/Philip: don't put it in the base spec. Put it in environment spec.

Barry: will roll this into environment draft.

I agree not to put it in the base spec, but it would help me a great deal
to have to it as an extension on its own, independent of other extensions.
Speaking as an individual: I agree.

In case you plan to let it have its own require word "envelope-auth"
and just describe it together with other things that have their own
require word, too: That's of course fine with me.
Agree as well.

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