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Re: Port 2000

2006-05-12 06:40:05

Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:

IANA registration is pending, or so the latest draft says. Well, what'll the draft say if IANA won't hand out port 2000?

I assume you are talking about Manage Sieve protocol.

I see three possibilities:

1. Advise servers to listen to a standard port, and "MAY also listen to 2000 for legacy compatibility". Advise servers to try the standard port, then 2000?

2. Advise servers to listen to a standard port, site admins to add a SRV record, and client to look for the SRV record and fall back to port 2000 if there is none?

3. Mention only the IANA-assigned port, not 2000, and pretend to ignore that all servers listen to port 2000 too, and every client falls back to 2000?

Either 1 or 2 would work for me.

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