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Re: 3028bis status

2006-07-11 17:45:18

On Mon, 2006-07-10 at 05:10 -0700, Philip Guenther wrote:
The last open items are:

sorry, I want to add a small open item, a change in section 6,

   Extensions MUST state how they interact with constraints defined in
   section 2.10, e.g., whether they cancel the implicit keep, and which
   actions they are compatible and incompatible with.
 + An extension MUST NOT change the behavior of the "require" control
 + command.

(CAN NOT would sound better, but that's not in [KEYWORDS] :-)

reference to original suggestion:

I think this is OK, but do note that require "variables" changes
the semantics of subsequent strings. I don't want to have text that
forbids this or comparable extensions that modify semantics in some way.


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