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Re: Sieve reject action and environment test extension

2006-08-22 03:03:06

Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:

Alexey Melnikov writes:

After thinking more about comments received regarding the reject draft, I would propose that instead of adding options to reject that would make it behave "do X if able to reject message over protocol and nothing otherwise" (originally proposed by Kejtil, if I am not mistaken), we should define proper Sieve environment test extension. The extension should define something for testing if Sieve engine is running in MTA/MDA, versa running in MDA.

That's not equivalent. The equivalent would be "is sieve engine running in MTA/MDA, and do all recipients of this invoke the reject action?".

Yes, I meant this. Actually both "can reject over protocol" and "running in MTA/MDA" can be interesting for Sieve scripts.

That seems a little odd for an enviroment test extension. If course it's possible to simplify a little and ask e.g. "is sieve engine running in MTA/MDA, and is this a single-recipient message?" which still seems out of scope for an environment test.

I think it is close enough. I would certainly not like to invent a new environment-like mechanism just for reject.

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