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CalDAV uses collations - please review

2006-09-18 07:32:22

Hi folks,
Following IESG review, we got push-back on the text comparison operations used in CalDAV (Calendaring Extensions to WebDAV). As a result we have added support for collations as defined in <>. We would appreciate it if the collation experts in the IMAP and SIEVE communities could review the changes and use of collations in this specification to ensure we are doing the right thing.

The link to the new draft is here:


An HTML diff from the previous version is here:


The key section is 7.5 that describes use of collations in CalDAV.

Discussion of CalDAV is taking place at <mailto:ietf-caldav(_at_)osafoundation(_dot_)org> so please post any comments there or send directly to me or the other co-authors, thanks.

Cyrus Daboo

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