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Re: non-UTF-8 sequences in Sieve scripts

2006-09-18 07:38:17

Hi Michael,

--On September 18, 2006 12:06:43 PM +0200 Michael Haardt <michael(_at_)freenet-ag(_dot_)de> wrote:

I prefer that the base spec continues to only describe UTF-8, staying
silent on implementations that take the freedom to violate RFC 3028,
which says in 2.1:

   The language is represented in UTF-8, as specified in [UTF-8].

But it also says: MIME Parts

  In a few places, [MIME] body parts are represented as strings.  These
  parts include MIME headers and the body.  This provides a way of
  embedding typed data within a Sieve script so that, among other
  things, character sets other than UTF-8 can be used for output

i.e. there is ambiguity here, but the bottom line is non-utf-8 data can be used in current sieve scripts without violating the spec. That is the problem we want to solve, but we cannot outlaw non-utf-8 now without making many implementations non-compliant. What we want to do in the long run is deprecate use of non-utf-8 strings in favor of escaped utf-8 strings, which is what Alexey's strawman is leading to.

Cyrus Daboo