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Text suggesting that non-UTF-8 sequenced may be abandoned in the future

2006-09-30 13:42:05

Hi everyone,
3028bis, section 2.1. (Form of the Language) says:

>   With the exceptions of strings and comments, the language is limited
>   to US-ASCII characters.  Strings and comments may contain octets
>   outside the US-ASCII range.  Specifically, they will normally be in
>   UTF-8, as specified in [UTF-8].  NUL (US-ASCII 0) is never permitted
>   in scripts, while CR and LF can only appear as the CRLF line ending.

As per recent discussion on the mailing list I suggest adding the following text to the end of this paragraph:

Note that Sieve WG is working on an extension that would allow for 7bit escaping of non-UTF-8 data. When and if this extension is deployed, the ability to use
non-UTF-8 data unescaped in Sieve scripts may be abandoned.



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