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application/sieve MIME type (3028bis)

2006-11-22 06:52:41

I don't know if I'm late with these comments of minor importance, but
they just occured to me.

Chapter 7 states:

Applications which use this media type: sieve-enabled mail servers

I know that this isn't meant to be restrictive, but couldn't this be
used instead:

"sieve-enabled clients and servers"

I was thinking of the scenario that I am sending a rule snippet or a
script via email to a friend ("Here's a good SPAM rule I use"). Since
most Sieve UAs are tied with MUAs, it only makes sense to send
a Sieve rule via email.

File extension(s): .siv

Couldn't ".sieve" be added to this list?

Alexandros Vellis

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