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Re: Sieve include, 'global scripts' and managesieve

2006-11-26 15:18:33

On Sun, 2006-11-26 at 13:46 -0800, Aaron Stone wrote:
The special considerations I can think of are that the implicit keep
does not cross between the postmaster script and the user's script,
except in the case of a reject. That is, if the postmaster does a
fileinto, discard, keep, redirect, whatever, this affects only the
"postmaster's copy" of the message. A reject should trash the message
and cancel the user's delivery, however.

Hmm. Can of worms? Can we tease out a consistent behavior? Would
recommending a dummy postmaster user solve the managesieve question for
global scripts?

sounds to me like you want to use this to duplicate e-mail, for SarbOx
archival purposes or whatever.  I don't think this is relevant for
Sieve.  make the copy in your MTA so that the archival account is a
firstclass citizen as far as Sieve is concerned.

Kjetil T.