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Re: sieve for spamfiltering and greylisting

2006-12-18 15:49:53

Dilyan Palauzov wrote:

What happens with a mail between the end MTA and the mailbox? First (optionally) greylisting, then (optionally) spamfiltering and at the end )optionally) sieve-filtering. All this (optional) steps could be up to the user to be configured, hence each of them requires different interface:
  - one interface for conf. the personal grey listing
  - one interface for configuring the personal spam settings and
  - managesieve for configuring the personal filters.

It is a bit cumbersome, as all these settings are related to the same thing (mail delivery from the users' point of view), but setting them up requires different approaches.

Maybe you have discussed it already, but recently I was thinking on uniting all this settings into one. And my idea concrete is either to extend sieve to support settings for external programmes

Hi Dilyan,
I don't think Sieve is suitable for specifying settings for external programs or calling external programs in general. (Avoiding support for calling of external programs was one of the original goals behind the language).

or to define  sieve extensions per purpose

This seems to be more sensible.
In fact I can imagine a Sieve extension for accessing/managing greylisting database or other types of externally stored lists of addresses (e.g. whitelists)

(hence one extension for both configuring spamassassin and dspam). In the first case just the name of the programme will need to be specified and it will be able to define what will happen afterwards with the parameters (and be able to get them from the script), e.g
  require "prog";
  prog grey-listing 10 30
(meaning that the mail shall be retried not later than 30 minutes and not earlier than the next 10 minutes, in order to pass the grey-filtering, or wise-versa - it will be up to the interpreting programme)
  prog spamassassin rewrite_header nanana

or in the second case we define a keyword per purpose, the sample sieve script could look like

  require "spam", "grey-listing"
  spam rewrite_header nanana
  grey-listing off

Can you explain what is the exact meaning of "spam rewrite_header nanana" in your example?


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