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Re: sieve for spamfiltering and greylisting

2007-01-14 02:53:22

Dilyan Palauzov wrote:


Hi Dilyan,

My idea was not to call external applications, but to provide unified interface where different applications read the same sieve script but interpret different parts of it.

Can this be done using Ned's environment extension and/or Sieve include extension?

The aim is to minimize the amount of interfaces a user needs to work with in order to configure the way of the mail from the MTA to his mailbox.

There are several user's preferences in spamassassin (tool saying for each may how high the probability is, that a specific mail is spam). Such an example is the whitelisting. Another option is altering the scores per user, that matching specific test gives, thus modifying the influence that a test has. rewrite_header ( ) modifies the header of the message, in case it is spam. Of course this can be achieved by other means in sieve,

Indeed. The editheader extension can be used for that.

but the latter fact is a sign that spamassassin and sieve do very similar things (conditionally rewriting headers) and therefore shall be configured from the same place.

I am not yet convinced that Sieve is the proper place for storing this information. One possibility is to store such information externally (in LDAP, ACAP or IMAP METADATA) and access it using a Sieve extension. I've written a Sieve extension for accessing IMAP METADATA values.

Another possibility is to make spamassasin Sieve-aware. But maybe this is a wishful thinking :-).

spam rewrite_header nanana, or rather spam rewrite_header subject nanana is supposed to prefix the subject-header with +nanana+ in the mails marked as spam.


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