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Re: subject: and method: / Re: Working Group Last Call on draft-ietf-sieve-notify-05.txt

2007-01-04 08:11:03

Ok, but the implementation specs (notify-xmpp and notify-mailto) each
specify different and strange default subjects in their respective media.
They even seem to suggest that the subject would be hardcoded in the

I'd say if the gateway supports subject+body, then the notification should be 
the subject, not the body.  A hardcoded subject sounds dreadful!

From draft-ietf-sieve-notify-mailto-01:

   o  The "Subject:" field of the notification message contains the
      value defined by the :message notify tag, as described in
      [Notify].  If there is no :message tag, the subject is retained
      from the triggering message.  Note that Sieve [Variables] can be
      used to advantage here, as shown in the example in Section 3.


   o  If the mailto URI contains a "body" header, the value of that
      header is used as the body of the notification message.  If there
      is no "body" header, the body of the notification message is

No fixed subject, and I can't remember that is was suggested to change