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Re: subject: and method: / Re: Working Group Last Call on draft-ietf-sieve-notify-05.txt

2007-01-03 09:52:48

It is true that some notify-gateways support subjects, and others don't,
but a subject is a property of a general message.

IMHO: Messages in general - yes.  Notification messages - no.  

But then complex messages may also transport notifications.  Perhaps an 
alternative question is of all the available messaging channels, how many 
support a subject+body, and how many support just a body.  You probably then 
ought to weight the frequency of the messaging channel.  Carrier Pigeon isn't 
going to be as popular a choice as sms or email for notifications.  If there 
are several channels that support a subject, it is worth adding to the notify 

What is the utility of using notify with email?  Why not just use redirect 

I'm currently marginally against adding :subject to the notify spec.